Process and quality excellence :

In a competitive global market where quality and cost matters it is essential to constantly improve and invest in modern technologies. At AksharChem, we made significant investments in setting-up a large-scale state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and an advanced laboratory equipped with modern facilities. We believe in gradual and continuous improvement whereby we concentrate on consistent product and process improvement. Our investments in process automation technologies resulted in enhanced process efficiency, product quality and reduction in human error. We also undertake various initiatives focused on enhancing shop floor management and providing regular skill training to employees. Our research experts are motivated to attend various international seminars that provide knowledge sharing platform. We further intend to leverage our knowledge and deep research capabilities to widen our product portfolio with value-added products. The result: Our products and processes meet the stringent quality standards of leading downstream chemical companies.

Expanding footprints :

In a commodity business that is driven by volumes it is essential to widen and deepen marketing reach to make the most of the unaddressed opportunities. We commenced operations with a presence in just Indian market. However, over the years we extended our footprints beyond the national boundaries dealing with leading international companies. Today, we have a presence in more than 20 countries with overseas operations accounting for 81.76% of the total revenues. We created a robust distribution network to ensure efficient servicing of overseas customers. We also undertook various branding and marketing initiatives and participation in international fairs to enhance brand visibility and awareness. We focus on extending our presence in South East Asia, NAFTA and India to further strengthen our international business and reduce dependency on each market. The result: Our operations are relatively diversified geographically which protects our revenues in case of demand downturn in a particular region.

Trust and credibility :

In a chemical business where a brand is recognised by the list of customers it does business with, the challenge lies in providing high quality and environment compliant products, unmatched services and supply reliability. At AksharChem, our R&D efforts focus on continuous improvement in products and processes. Our products comply with all international quality standards and environment protection norms. Through operational efficiency, planning and extensive marketing network we ensure product supply reliability enabling our customers to grow their business. Moreover, we focus on developing strong business relationships with our customers. As a result, most of our customers have been doing business with us for over 20 years. This trust and credibility has enabled us to gain new customers. The result: The Company is being able to maintain its customer base for more than two decades.