Textiles Dyes

Our Dye intermediates Products:
1) Vinyl Sulphone (Acetanilide Base)
2) Ortho Anicidine Vinyl Sulphone (OAVS)
3) Sulpho Para Vinyl Sulphone (Sulpho VS)
4) Reactive Blue 21
5) Reactive Black 5
Can be used as a True Reactive Dyes on Cotton, Silk, Wool etc.
These dyes react with fibre forming a direct chemical linkage which is not easily broken.
Their ease of application, bright shades produced by them coupled with good wash fastness make them very popular with piece good dyers. Even in threads these classes are gaining in popularity for cotton sewing.
Here the dye contains a reactive group and this reactive group makes covalent bond with the fibre polymer and act as an integral part of fibre .This covalent bond is formed between the dye molecules and the terminal –OH (hydroxyl) group cellulosic fibres or between the dye molecules and the terminal amino (-NH 2) group of polyamide fibres.